Hey! thanks for stopping by. this is gonna be a weekly call-in show hosted by Liam Paris. every thursday at 8pm EST

Every week we'll have a little topic or activity, please feel free to call in to geniunely talk about it,
or prank me,
or do a character geniunely talking about it.
or a character pranking me
i'm here for you, i'm here for us, i hope you'll be here for us too. I think this will go well.

show will be streaming live here! or on twitch

Calling instructions

  1. Call 630-381-6196
  2. Stay on the line! it will ring for a few minutes, and then you'll be on hold-- you should hear the current calls as we do this
  3. Make sure to mute the video once we're on the line!
  4. If this isn't working out, text in the chat or email thxforstoppingby@gmail.com

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the second episode was about: Puzzles watch here

the third episode was about: Dancing watch highlights here

the fourth episode was about: Baking watch here

the fifth episode was about: Mary, F*** Kill watch here